Friday, December 17, 2010

Older, Wiser, (are you laughing?) and still here!

I've been busy, I had a birthday last week! It was wonderful, the whole family went out to dinner. I had such a great time.  I may be older but I don't know about wiser sometimes!  I do feel the older part!  I wouldn't go back and change a thing.  I love my life, amazing husband, wonderful kids, and terrific grandchildren!  Oh, and my parents and in-law's all great people, too.

I finally made these cute little mug rugs.  I used the tutorial from Jodi Neslon and the machine binding tutorial from Pat Sloan for the binding.  Of course, I couldn't follow the mug rug tutorial exactly how it was written (just like I can never leave a recipe alone) I always have to change something.  I added a brown tree trunk to the tree because I can't stand tree's floating in air (how do they get there?) and my mug rugs are bigger, I have bigger mugs (no laughing)!   And I added gold garland with my free motion quilting set on a tight zig-zag stitch and lots of other free motion quilting.  These were lots of fun.  They aren't perfect but neither am I!

I thought I would include a couple pictures of my stained glass. I made these a couple years back.  With the grand kids living with us, I have had to put the stained glass tools and supplies away so that the grand kids don't get hurt.   Stained glass has a lot of dangerous chemicals and of course glass is sharp!  We don't have a good workshop space for it that is secure at this time.  I liked doing 3-D type pieces like these but I also did panels, too. 

 I will put up some pictures of our Christmas tree soon. Here is a picture of my granddaughter singing at her pre-school Christmas performance.  Isn't she cute?

 Here's my grandson at the same performance, I love his hat because it says I believe in Jesus!  Both kids did great!

I hope your projects are all getting done.  Have a wonderful day!

Friday, December 3, 2010

The UPS Man Came

The UPS man showed up with a wonderful package that I won during the Mistletoe Make and Bake Blog Hop from Lissa of  Moda Lissa.  In it was this wonderful "cookie bag" of Moda Fabrics. 

These positively yummy looking fabrics were inside.  I'm going to have to keep them in a safe place my daughter saw them and loved them, too.  Maybe the two of us can come up with something to make with them.   Thank you, Lissa - I love the fabric and the wonderful card, too!

Today was a migraine day so no sewing took place.  Hope your day was wonderful!
Have a pieceful weekend.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just a quick note

Just a quick note to say I really am busy working on projects for Christmas.  Here is a teeny, tiny, sneak peak at one of my projects under construction.

Before Thanksgiving the grandchildren had a program at pre-school and we went to see it. Here are their pictures - they had a wonderful sing-a-long and Thanksgiving Feast.

Have a wonderful evening.