Sunday, March 23, 2014

Progress and a trip to Nashville

A week ago, Two weeks ago, Okay, okay three weeks ago, my DH and I took a long weekend trip to Nashville and stayed in the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.  This is not your ordinary hotel - it is extraordinary and you can find plenty to do inside the resort to keep you busy and never want to leave.  However, we had picked a couple of places we wanted to see on this visit, the Nashville Parthenon and Antique Archaeology  and we made it to both.  The Parthenon is a full size replica of the one in Greece and was first created for the World's Fair in 1897.  It was later dismantled and rebuilt (but there is history in that, too) taking 10 years to rebuild  1921-1931.  The Parthenon in Greece took 10 years to build, too.  The one in Greece is carved from Pentelic Marble, whereas the one in Nashville is made of cast concrete aggregate, stone, brick, and structural reinforced concrete.  It was fascinating.  If you ever get to Nashville it is a wonderful place to visit.  It is located in their Centennial Park.  

 The Nashville Parthenon

Parthenon from entrance side.  It was a very cloudy but warm day.

Bronze lions head on 24'H x 7'W doors. Doors weigh 7.5 tons each.

Detail above front entrance to Parthenon

 Antique Archeology

End of building that houses Antique Archeology

Building above entrance to Antique Archeology

Indian motorcycle at Antique Archeology

 Inside Antique Archeology

The Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

The Cascades Atrium

A map to the Resort

Us in front of one of the many waterfalls

Another waterfall - beautfiul

A peaceful walkway.


The river boat in the Delta atrium

This was our windshield. The roads were finally clear, we had checked out of the hotel and didn't have an ice scraper and now what? We used my comb!  Aren't we creative?

I hope you enjoyed my rather picture intensive post of our recent trip.  If you remember I started my first line with.....A week ago, Two weeks ago, Okay, okay three weeks ago.  Well, every time I tried to put this post together something would happen.  The pictures wouldn't load, blogger is down and it can't save your current post (or some such wording), something would come up and I wouldn't finish.  Today it all worked - yippee!  I did learn not to put in so many pictures next time.

Hope your weekend is going well!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Dance Time-I got SNOW!

That's right, I got my snow and I'm doing the happy dance.  Yes, think Snoopy on his dog house doing the dance and that's me.  I just love how clean and fresh everything looks.  Just wanted to post a couple pictures (I took tons with two different cameras) before I go into quilt.  (Yes, I do know some of you are sick of snow but NOT ME!)

No one will be visiting soon.


See the deer that ran through doing it's own happy dance.  We usually have a herd but this one was alone.

Well, that is my snowy neck of the woods.  Hard to believe we live in the South.  We have lived all over the country and I miss living where you are guaranteed snow every year.  However, it is nice to live somewhere that has seasons and you can still get outside most of the year.  

I must go get something done.  I could sit and look out the window at this ALL day!

Have a wonderful day,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's all about the ICE!

Yes, it's all about the ice.  Here in north Georgia we are iced in.  It started with snow on Tuesday but we only had an inch and then it melted.  A very non-event!  Schools were cancelled in anticipation of bad roads and icy conditions.   They are very jumpy after everyone was stuck on the roads two weeks ago.  But it was this second storm that came in with a little snow at the start and now we have had freezing rain all day.  We couldn't go anywhere if we wanted to. The roads are iced over and power is out in some areas. They say we will get snow tonight.  I love snow. 
This is all ice.  Hard as a rock and slippery!

You may remember in my last post I was going to be picking up a ruler at the fabric store.  My favorite fabric store is Cottontail Quilts in Kennesaw, Georgia.  They are just so wonderful there.  I did buy some fabric, you know I had to, couldn't walk out the door without this beautiful Jelly Roll of Batiks and two additional yards (under the Jelly Roll).  They are just a little different than the ones I am working with right now.
Color Crush Batiks by Moda
I made progress this past week on the quilt on the design wall. My GS who did most of the color choices for the quilt was here on Monday and we went in and made some changes to the layout.  I think we are both happy with it now. 
Strip Tube ruler quilt.
Normally our grand kids are here five days a week but since the ice has everyone trapped in their homes, they are at home with Mom for a couple days until the roads are clear and our daughter can safely get to work.  While they are at home, I am taking advantage of the break and working in the quilt room.  One of the things I did was to cutout this owl quilt for my GS.  It will be a surprise for him in the future.  He loves owls!

Owl fabric by Angela Anderson for Quilting Treasures
Hope you are having fun with your projects this week.  Stay safe if it's icy, snowy and cold.  If it's warm and nice - enjoy!

Peace to all,

Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm just lovin' working with Batiks!

I am really enjoying working on this quilt.  I'm not sure I ever mentioned that these are from the Sun Drenched Batiks Jelly Roll by Moda.  I absolutely love how vivid they are!  Here's a picture I took when I first opened up the Jelly Roll.  Not the best picture but you get the idea.  I didn't get a lot done on it this weekend. 

Sun Drenched Batiks Jelly Roll by Moda
Yummy Fabric!

I was able to sew the last of the strips together.  I now have six sets of three strips each ready to be sewn to the cream fabric to make the tube.  Then I will cut with the Strip Tube Ruler. 
Strip sets ready to go.
Sunday was busy with church and a few errands and then the big game.  Hence, no sewing then.....we were ready for some FOOTBALL!  I'm not really a big football fan but when it comes to my beloved Seahawks it all changes.  This is the team from where I grew up, I have to root for them. When I was in high school the team practiced in our little town.  It was great.  It was also a long time ago.  Congratulations, Seahawks on winning Super Bowl XLVIII.  You showed them.  Sorry to all of the Broncos fans.

Here is another picture of last weeks snow.  Everyone else was happy to see it go except...........ME....... and the grand kids.  I miss it.  It was soooo pretty, and peaceful.  It helped that I had no where to go. 

Don't tell anyone, I'm hoping for some more!

Tomorrow I am headed to the quilt shop to pick up a ruler I ordered and you know I will just have to get some fabric.  I cannot waste a trip driving there (18 miles each way) and NOT buy SOME fabric.  Plus I have a gift card.  Yippee!

Hope your day is wonderful and you get lots of quilting done.

Friday, January 31, 2014

A Wristlet Key Fob and Atlanta's BIG/LITTLE Snow!

Wristlet Key Fob

Although, I made it yesterday, I had bought the hardware at Christmas time to make gifts and ran out of time, procrastinated, didn't get to, gave up.  I really have no good excuse for why I didn't get to making them. Yesterday, we were iced in so I had plenty of time to relax and sew.  I took time for both!  This project is fun and uses a small amount of fabric and batting.

A Wristlet Key Fob!

Originally, I was disappointed with the hardware.  In December I drove everywhere, and I mean everywhere (Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnn's, Hancock Fabric's numerous fabric stores) and couldn't find the hardware everyone else was using.  So, I gave up/gave in and bought what you see in the picture.  I was sure I wouldn't like it but I really like it now that it is put together.  Sure could have saved myself a lot of diesel fuel - don't tell my DH!

Making a Zipper Pouch Change Purse

My grand kids go to two different schools this year.  Next year my GD will go to the same school as my GS.  Each weekday my GD and I wait in the carpool line to pickup my GS.  There is a very nice parapro who organizes the pickup of the students and she always comes over and talks to my GD as we pull up for our turn.  Consequently, my GD is very excited about going to the BIG elementary school next year.  Well, we heard it was this persons birthday on Monday and said GD does not have school on Mondays.  We always find something special to do on Mondays so this time we spent the day making a zipper pouch change purse for the parapro's birthday.  Here is my GD sewing.

Sewing the zipper pouch change purse
Please excuse the very blurry picture.  We realized on the way to carpool, we hadn't taken a picture.  We pulled it out of the gift bag when we got into line and I tried to take a picture with my cellphone.  It is very apparent I did not get it in focus.  We quickly re-positioned all the pretty tissue paper in the gift bag.
Zipper pouch change purse - loved the bright cheerful fabric she choose!

Tuesday was Atlanta's BIG/LITTLE Snow Day!
I say this because here in the south a little snow and ice goes a very long way.  Everyone is laying blame on someone else.  However, everyone really stepped up to help each other out.  People took food to stranded motorists.  Others drove people if they had 4-wheel drive or 4-wheelers, ATV's, or other means of transportation that could work in snow and ice.  A facebook site was even set up to help people get help and scores of people were helped through it.  People were amazing!
Snow can be so peaceful and nice!
I am responsible for my two wonderful grand kids during the day.  One is 7.5 miles away on hilly windy roads and one is just under 2 miles.   When I saw the first snow flake I called the furthest one (a preschool and asked what their plan was)  the school district was releasing 2 hours early but didn't know what that meant for the preschool.  They were trying to make a decision as we spoke so I just headed out and picked up the youngest.  Soooo glad I did.  In the 30 minutes it takes to get out there and get her buckled and headed back the roads were already icing.  I slid three times and it had only been snowing for 30 minutes, it was crazy!  This put me in line for the other grandchild as he was getting out at carpool on early release but there was quite a delay.  Luckily, we are very close to the school and the only spot the road has curves and hills is our street - and it wasn't too bad.  Only two of us picked up kids from our street so I was driving on fresh snow.  Easy, peasy!

My husband left work 35 miles away at noon, he arrived 5 hours later.  Our son lives just 6 miles from his house it took him 2 hours.  Our daughter works 17 miles away but left at 3:00pm it took her 6 hours.  She couldn't get from her house to ours to get the grand kids because they closed the road between us.  They had a Snow Sleepover at Nana and Papa's house.  It was fun!

Sledding - this is the bottom of the hill!

Fun in the snow!
 Also, this week I made some progress on the Quilt on the design wall.  Here is a picture of my progress.
Added three more diamond shapes to the quilt layout.

My Mom made this coaster on her loom. 
I keep it by my sewing machine for my water.

Today started off very cold with icy roads.  They cancelled schools because the buses couldn't safely get to the kids.  The grand kids and I have had a lazy day.  However, it has really warmed up and the snow has all but disappeared.  Next week everyone will be back at school and I can get some more sewing done.

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I made a Design Wall

I needed a design wall to stage my blocks for my quilts and more importantly to get them off my cutting table.  I needed to come up with a way to hang it and I didn't have time to run down to Ikea to get their nifty hanging hardware.  So, what's a girl to do.....well in my world you come up with your own and improvise!   I wanted some of those cool little clamps.  It took me several days and a lot of trying to explain to various store personnel what I wanted.  Every time I would get a blank stare or a completely wrong item.  Finally, I found what I wanted with these.

I only needed the clamp and hook not the ring.  It came apart easily.  Plus they were on clearance at Target.   I attached them with wires to the dropped ceiling in my quilt/sewing room and attached white vinyl tablecloth yardage.  (I still need to trim it to size). 

I'm so happy I finally have a design wall and on the wall is my current project.
The Strip Tube Ruler Quilt.  I haven't named it yet, it needs a better name. I love these blocks - so pretty.
Strips pressed and pinned.

Strips ready to sew.

My helpers!
My GS matched up all the colors for the quilt.  You can see the strips hanging in the background.
My GD  likes to help with the actual piecing.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Sewing Room and a Strip Tube Ruler

I haven't posted since the last day of summer and we are well into winter!  We've had birthdays, Veterans Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day and not a single post from me.  All of those events were great.  I kept busy, mostly doing all sorts of activities with the grand kids.  Christmas was a joyous and wonderful time for our family.

Now we are well into the New Year and I hope you are all doing well.  I do visit your blogs and thoroughly enjoy all of the knowledge you impart and seeing all the wonderful quilts, crafts, food and activities you all are doing.

As for me, I have a new sewing/quilting room.  For several years our daughter and grand kids lived with us.  Consequently, the entire downstairs was their home.  We are fortunate enough to have a separate kitchen, laundry and bathroom downstairs so they were able to have their own space.  But we had to fit all of our stuff in half of it's usual space - no easy task.  Last February they moved about 6 miles away.  I still watch the grand kids five days a week.  However, it is very nice to have peaceful evenings with my DH.  It was also nice to be able  to  finally create my own space.  DH has a nice new office, too.  Here are pictures of the progress on my sewing/quilt room:

Before (the carpet was maroon - yuk!)

After paint and before new carpet. I wanted a bright color. It is a sunflower yellow - love it!

With new carpet! Not the best picture but you get the idea.
Now this all happened last spring and I have been working on setting it up for  awhile.  I have changed the arrangement of the sewing table, cutting table, two shelving units and ironing board at least three times - probably more.  I am driving DH crazy!  Just this week I finally stumbled upon a setup that I think is going to work.  As soon as I get it cleaned up a bit I will take a couple pictures of it.  I'm sure it will always be a work in progress.  Plus we still need to make a cutting table.  I have a folding one I bought at JoAnn's years ago but it's so wobbly and drives me crazy.

I am currently working an a fun project involving a Strip Tube Ruler and Batiks.  It is sooo much fun!  Here is a sneak peak at what I have on my work table.

Tube after it is cut into a triangle.  When you press it open it is a square.  See below.

Four squares make this.  This is so easy. 

I will try to post more often and update you on my progress on this project, too.

Have a pieceful week.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Time to say good bye to Summer!

Good bye Summer! 

Summer was a busy one for the grand kids.  They went to Day Camp. They played and swam and played some more, their hair got lighter, they got tans and tough skin on their feet.  Oh, such fun!  But.......they have been back at school for 7 weeks and are just coming off a week of Fall Break.  Summer break is shorter than where I grew up.  They only get June and July off and then go back to school in the sweltering heat the beginning of August.  The bright side is they get breaks all year long.

They enjoyed their Fall Break.  We had some fun together this week watching movies, playing Monopoly Jr., looking for frogs in the yard, coloring pictures and painting (one painted a mini bird house and the other a tiny treasure chest for Mom). Plus they got two days at Fall Break Camp.  Great week!
Painting a mini bird house for a friend.

A treasure chest for Mom!

My Sampler blocks are coming along and here are two more to add.  I need to get pictures of the progress.  Slow and steady is my motto with this.  However I am really enjoying working with the batiks.  I haven't taken any pictures of the traditional blocks lately.

So far with the exception of one of the blocks, I have loved the colors in this quilt. It is just so vibrant.  Even though the finished quilt is on display at the quilt shop I still get excited picking up my block each month and seeing the colors for 'my' block for that month.  I know its silly but I'm just having a great time with this. 

And last but not least a couple pictures of my favorite furry friends, my shih-tzu's, Smokey and the Bandit.  They are indoor dogs and Bandit doesn't do well in the heat but loves to lay on the lounge chairs on the porch under the fan.  Smokey loves to find a spot in the full sun and sit with his eyes closed soaking up the heat.  Kind of strange for a black dog - maybe he is trying to get some Vitamin D! At least I can get a picture of him that way.  Very hard to take pictures of a black dog unless he is in the full sun. 

Smokey, put your tongue in your mouth - silly dog!
Bandit watching the grand kids paint.
Hope your last day of summer is wonderful! 

Peace and quilting,