Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Fun Day!

Today I spent some quality time with my daughter.  Her kids (our wonderful grandchildren) were off to visit their dad for the day so we have spent most of the day together.  We made breakfast and talked (the way only mom's and daughter's can) and enjoyed a generally relaxing morning.  This afternoon I asked her if she would like to try free motion quilting on my Bernina.  She is very artsy and loves to do abstract art so I figured why not let her give it a try.  So, I made up a sample piece for her to practice on.  She had a great time.  She liked the back the best because you could see the designs and asked me to show a picture of just the back so here it is.
Pretty good for the first time and a lot better than my FMQ.  Maybe she can do all my quilts!  It was a great mom and daughter day.  I think I will call my mom now.

Have a pieceful day,


  1. Wonderful job! She looks like quilter yo me! :-)

  2. First time?? Wow, she is good and can come and do my quilts anytime. I hope she is hooked now.