Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you to our Veterans!

Today we honor our Veterans for their willingness to protect, serve, and sacrifice for our country.  In our family we have many veterans, my husband, dad, father-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, two cousins, a nephew and countless other relatives.  Please remember all of our military past and present today and every day.  Thank you to all of our Veteran's!

Veterans Day

Project Work Day!

Today I am working on multiple projects so, I'm washing, pressing, preparing, and cutting fabric.  Not sure if I will actually complete anything but I'm sure happy to be working in my sewing room.

I  wanted to show you the quilt I picked up at a yard sale last week.  I ended up knowing the person who was having the sale so I was able to get it for a great price ($4).  She got it from her Dad who bought it on Maui, Hawaii.  I lived on Maui for a short time before marrying my husband and living on Oahu, Hawaii for three years when we were first married (our first military duty station together).  So, I just had to have the quilt since it was from Hawaii.  I am going to hang it in my sewing room - it is just so bright and sunny.  Don't you just love it!

Enjoy your freedom and remember our Veterans,

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  1. That's a beautiful quilt, and what a great deal you got on it! Enjoy! :0)