Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A package in the mail, Maple Leaf Block success and I am thankful for....

I recently won a giveaway over at Violette's site Hand Quilting and guess what showed up in the mail?  A wonderful Moda Brannock and Patek Remembrance Layer Cake.  The colors are absolutely gorgeous!  She also sent a really neat card showing where she lives with a nice note.  Thank you Violette.   I don't think my camera shows the colors very well but take my word for it the colors really are beautiful.

I  have gotten several inquiry's and suggestions about  my messed up Maple Leaf block well I did finally figure it out.  I tore out a couple of seams and squared up the wonky squares, measured everything again and put it back together.  And TADA!

Eventually it is going in a mug rug but right now I am working on Christmas projects.  I had to fix it because it was driving me nuts!!!

I am thankful for, my husband, my children, my grandchildren, our parents, and that all of them are healthy and happy.  I am thankful that we live in a free country and that there are people that protect us.  I am thankful that God loves us no matter what.  I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, friends, and loved ones.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Tried Soooo Hard to Do a Maple Leaf Block!

Well, I started off last Thursday (and yes I realize that was awhile ago!) having a 'Project Day'.  Well, I washed fabric, pressed fabric, laid out some projects, printed out some ideas.  I decided to start small with a mug rug.  I figured out my measurements and I wanted to have a 5 1/2" Maple Leaf Block on the left side where you put your cookies.  So, I opened my Quilt Wizard program and found the block (figured I would use my resources.   I made all my selections and typed in the size of the block as 5.50.  I was a bit perplexed that the cutting diagram showed all different measurements but  I figured the computer is smarter than I am.  Well, I did everything and it was terribly wonky (a word I had never heard until I started quilting and it fits this circumstance to a 'T')!  So, I tried trimming the sides but to no avail they are just the wrong size all the way around.  Take a close look at the picture and no I haven't sewn the rows together I just laid them close together.  I think I should have re-measured the squares before I sewed them and squared them up.  I never thought one little square could take me so many days.  I guess there is some seam ripping in my future because I love these colors and I am going to figure this out.

I did find a way to fix it, I made these and although eating all of them to make me feel better is a thought it wouldn't be good for me or my waist.  My husband, my daughter, and my grand kids are all happy when I make cookies.  These are gluten free chocolate chip (that way my grand kids and daughter could eat them)!

  I have been participating in the Mistletoe Make & Bake this week. Wednesday is day three. If you go to Sherri Falls site you can find all of the hosting information.  Make sure after you get the hosting information to go to the top of her site and get to the current dates to get all of the great information.  Everyone is giving out great recipes and patterns - also some great giveaways, too.

Also, there is another  Accuquilt Go! Giveaway! just go to Mandy Noble's site and take a look around.  Maybe one of us will be the next one to be making accurate cuts with a Accuquilt GO! Cutter.  Hope it's me but if not me, I hope it is one of you!  Good luck everybody!!

Most of the leaves are down by our house but just a mile away the leaves are still on the trees.  Although, the way the wind is blowing (it's pretty stormy) we won't have much left in the area by tomorrow.  We've been very fortunate to have very mild weather this fall.  Hope it continues!  Here is a picture of a tree about a mile from here.  I took it with my iphone so the quality isn't very good but I love the color.

Hope your Tuesday evening is Terrific.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you to our Veterans!

Today we honor our Veterans for their willingness to protect, serve, and sacrifice for our country.  In our family we have many veterans, my husband, dad, father-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, two cousins, a nephew and countless other relatives.  Please remember all of our military past and present today and every day.  Thank you to all of our Veteran's!

Veterans Day

Project Work Day!

Today I am working on multiple projects so, I'm washing, pressing, preparing, and cutting fabric.  Not sure if I will actually complete anything but I'm sure happy to be working in my sewing room.

I  wanted to show you the quilt I picked up at a yard sale last week.  I ended up knowing the person who was having the sale so I was able to get it for a great price ($4).  She got it from her Dad who bought it on Maui, Hawaii.  I lived on Maui for a short time before marrying my husband and living on Oahu, Hawaii for three years when we were first married (our first military duty station together).  So, I just had to have the quilt since it was from Hawaii.  I am going to hang it in my sewing room - it is just so bright and sunny.  Don't you just love it!

Enjoy your freedom and remember our Veterans,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy New Software!

I am so excited I got my new embroidery software.  I will be able to do put all sorts of fun things on the grand kids clothes and on other items, too.  Here is a picture of the box.

Later today I will install it and start playing.  I also have a couple of classes to attend to learn how to use some of the new features.  I had the basic Editor Plus embroidery software and this is just so much more advanced - can't wait to play!

I've been practicing my free motion quilting on small pieces.  Here are a couple of my sample runs:

This picture doesn't do the fabric any justice.  It was a fat quarter and I'm sorry I don't know the fabric name but it is a beautiful color and very rich shades of purple.  I know the wavy lines don't match up, mostly I was just trying to move the fabric smoothly and get the stitch length even.

I did get an answer to what I was doing wrong in my previous post - Thank you to Shellie for help with my problem.  I had threaded my machine with my BSR (free motion quilting) foot down so my tension was incorrect which caused that nasty mess - YUCK!  Check out Shellie's site she is taking a Master Seamstress Certification Program - I'm so impressed.  She just created the cutest girl's skirt pattern called Twirly Girl you can see it on her blog.

Last Thursday was fun time with the grand kids again.  So, here are a couple of pictures.  I had picked up the cutest little paint books.  You dip cotton swabs in water and then brush them against paint colors on paper and paint pictures with them.  Not as messy as regular painting and just as much fun.  I still put paint shirts on the kids and they stayed busy for an hour and a half.  Pretty good for 4 years old and 2 1/2.  We had a great time together.
                        It was hard to get his picture he kept shutting his eyes

                                 She loves to smile, they had so much fun!

May your day be beautiful and filled with joy,

Monday, November 1, 2010

I got My Machine back Woo Hoo, Yippee, Hooray!

First of all, I got my machine back and I am so happy!  They replaced the gib on the hook assembly.  That is down near where your bobbin goes in.  Anyhow, just a little bit ago I set it all back up to do some free motion quilting.  I am determined to finish this table runner.  Well, take a look at the picture and if you have some ideas on what I did wrong please tell me. 

This is on the back but it is the front thread, I know this because the bobbin thread was dark brown.  I had made diagonal lines and as you can see from my last post when I started the free motion quilting it doesn't look like this on the front.  I did go kind of slow would that cause the problem?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have a peaceful evening,