Saturday, September 21, 2013

Time to say good bye to Summer!

Good bye Summer! 

Summer was a busy one for the grand kids.  They went to Day Camp. They played and swam and played some more, their hair got lighter, they got tans and tough skin on their feet.  Oh, such fun!  But.......they have been back at school for 7 weeks and are just coming off a week of Fall Break.  Summer break is shorter than where I grew up.  They only get June and July off and then go back to school in the sweltering heat the beginning of August.  The bright side is they get breaks all year long.

They enjoyed their Fall Break.  We had some fun together this week watching movies, playing Monopoly Jr., looking for frogs in the yard, coloring pictures and painting (one painted a mini bird house and the other a tiny treasure chest for Mom). Plus they got two days at Fall Break Camp.  Great week!
Painting a mini bird house for a friend.

A treasure chest for Mom!

My Sampler blocks are coming along and here are two more to add.  I need to get pictures of the progress.  Slow and steady is my motto with this.  However I am really enjoying working with the batiks.  I haven't taken any pictures of the traditional blocks lately.

So far with the exception of one of the blocks, I have loved the colors in this quilt. It is just so vibrant.  Even though the finished quilt is on display at the quilt shop I still get excited picking up my block each month and seeing the colors for 'my' block for that month.  I know its silly but I'm just having a great time with this. 

And last but not least a couple pictures of my favorite furry friends, my shih-tzu's, Smokey and the Bandit.  They are indoor dogs and Bandit doesn't do well in the heat but loves to lay on the lounge chairs on the porch under the fan.  Smokey loves to find a spot in the full sun and sit with his eyes closed soaking up the heat.  Kind of strange for a black dog - maybe he is trying to get some Vitamin D! At least I can get a picture of him that way.  Very hard to take pictures of a black dog unless he is in the full sun. 

Smokey, put your tongue in your mouth - silly dog!
Bandit watching the grand kids paint.
Hope your last day of summer is wonderful! 

Peace and quilting,

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