Friday, April 26, 2013

Prairie Stars Sampler Blocks Month 2 & 3

This is my Black & Batik Sampler block for month two.  I don't really like the colors in this block. They just messed with my eyes and head when I was sewing, still do!  I might remake this block with different colors since it bothers me so much. The Tri-Rec Ruler was used to make this block. At least all my points are close and it came out fairly square (not the picture) but the block.

Ouch, my eyes hurt! 

I finished my Black & Batik Sampler block for month three just in time to go back to the quilt shop and show it to get my next set of fabrics for block number four.  I really need to start working on these a little bit sooner.   I like it a lot better than the colors in month two!

Here is block number three.

I really enjoyed making this one.  Lots of fun!

My granddaughter was my assistant for this one.  She handed me pins and I held her hand and we guided the iron together as she helped me press seams.  Not too long now before I will be teaching her how to sew.  I figure by the time we get to the actual sewing I will have taught her all of the basics.  She just loves to help.  If I have to rip a seam out, she loves to pull all the tiny little threads for me - and who likes that job (not me)?  I love my wonderful quilting helper!

You might notice the Earthy blocks are missing.  Well, I didn't get them finished.  Month two just needs a couple of seams - like really a couple of seams.  And Month three needs all of the seams but it is cut.  What I really need is more 'ME' time!  Oh, and since everything is in disarray because of the next item some things just have to wait. (And in this case it's a good thing)!   

The soon to be new quilting/sewing room has been painted and has new carpet - I am so excited!  Can't wait to get everything moved in.  More to come........

Have a great weekend,

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