Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Fall Project with my wonderful Grandchildren!

Last Friday I decided to do a special project with my grandchildren. 

I got out my fabric scraps and I pulled out some paper and pencils.  They love paper and pencils!  But this was only the beginning.  First we talked about pumpkins and how they are big, and small, round and oval.  I have a ceramic pumpkin I used as an example.  Then I asked them to draw a pumpkin and they did!  Keep in mind my grandson is 4 and my granddaughter is 2 1/2 so their skill sets are somewhat limited but really they were wonderful pumpkins!!!

My GS drew and then cut out the pumpkin on the right by using an oval container from one of my cupboards. He is pretty good with scissors.

My GD drew the picture on the left.  It took her a little longer to get the pumpkin instead of  "just a bunch of lines".  You can see my little pumpkin in the corner.  Once I drew that one she drew hers.  She is very smart for 2 1/2.  I had to do the cutting for her (her fine motor skills aren't quite their yet- maybe next year.)
You will notice in this picture her stem is on the left but she decided to rotate it and flip it for the project to make it look like her brother's.

I let them go through my scraps and pick out any colors they wanted to make their pumpkins, eyes, mouths and noses, and then I let them go through my fat quarters to pick out the background for their wall hanging.  I picked the borders on another day (they were at school that morning).  My GS is just learning letters and wrote Fall for me and then I just enlarged the letters.  This was such a fun project. 

Sooooo........without further adieu here are the final products.  Oh, and their fun display ideas, too!

Didn't these come out cute!
You can hang them on the porch railing!  Ta, Da!

Adorable chin hangers!

The ballerina hanger.

The beard hanger.

They chose their type of eyes, noses, and mouths.

I was able to practice lots of machine applique with my Bernina. I need to practice more on my binding though.  I got a little lazy and machine stitched them on - so they don't look as good as they should.  All and all they came out the way the grand kids wanted and they can keep them and use them every year.  I still need to put labels on the back - that way they can remember when they designed them.

So, what have you been up to?

Peace, Karen

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