Friday, October 22, 2010

Today is FRIDAY!

Our granddaughter is having a lung biopsy today.  So, any prayers are greatly appreciated.  I will be picking up our grandson from preschool in a little bit and we will keep busy doing fun things this afternoon.  Hopefully, all is going well with our granddaughter and she will be home this evening.

Yesterday I was doing some free motion quilting on my machine and I had the same problem with my machine again.  The sewing center called and said to come to the shop first thing tomorrow when the service technician shows up so I can show him the problem.

Here is a picture of the little bit of quilting I got done before I had problems with my machine. I was so excited I was finally working on the fall table runner.

Leona has a wonderful giveaway just click on this link Leona's Quilting Adventure to check it out!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, healthy and safe weekend.

Peace,  Karen

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  1. I hope your tests went smoothly. You are in my thoughts :)

    Thank you for the invite to visit your blog. I love meeting blogging friends and having the opportunity to read about what they are doing.