Saturday, April 20, 2013

Latest Projects

I've been able to get to my sewing machine and sew but I didn't realize I hadn't posted since before Christmas.  Oh my goodness, before Christmas.  That was a loooonng, long time ago. As a matter of fact, it was just two days in to winter and two days before Christmas. Wow!  I could come up with all sorts of reasons, the dog ate my! that won't work on a blog site!  Hmmm, let's see the sewing machine ate my work, that's it!  Nah, I just got so busy with other things, quilting, creating a church website, housework, family, taking care of my grand kids (mostly the latter - definitely not the housework!) that I didn't take the time to attend to my blog.  The good news is I did actually do some quilt and sewing things.

I have been doing a Sampler Days Quilt with a local quilt shop.  Each month I show up and as long as I've done my block for the month I get a new one.  I chose a quilt with a black background and vibrant bright batik colors.  I practice the block with more 'earthy' colors first.  This way when we are all done at the end of the year. I might have two quilts.  Below are the first months blocks.

Everything is cut and beginning to sew on first block for Earthy colored quilt.
First block for Earthy quilt!
 Both quilts use such distinctly different colors yet I really like both of them so far.  I chose the Black & Batik because it was so vibrant.  The Earthy is actually from a layer cake I have.  I will post which one in a future post.  I just love working on these.
All cut and starting to sew on Black & Batik quilt.  I love these colors!
First block for Black & Batik quilt!

This is a pair of tights my GD had.  She pulled them out to put on one morning and they had a hole in the toes.  She didn't have anything else to wear with her and it was too cold to go without them.  So, Nana to the rescue.
 I cut off the feet grabbed the lace (right side of the picture) that I'd had since her Mom was a little girl and.........
With a quick seam around the bottom we had tights with lace around the bottom. 
They looked real cute on her but I forgot to take a picture of them on her. Oops!  

Almost forgot, I am getting a new sewing/quilting room.  We started work on it this week.  It will be awhile before it is done.  So very excited!

Have a great weekend!

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