Friday, January 31, 2014

A Wristlet Key Fob and Atlanta's BIG/LITTLE Snow!

Wristlet Key Fob

Although, I made it yesterday, I had bought the hardware at Christmas time to make gifts and ran out of time, procrastinated, didn't get to, gave up.  I really have no good excuse for why I didn't get to making them. Yesterday, we were iced in so I had plenty of time to relax and sew.  I took time for both!  This project is fun and uses a small amount of fabric and batting.

A Wristlet Key Fob!

Originally, I was disappointed with the hardware.  In December I drove everywhere, and I mean everywhere (Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnn's, Hancock Fabric's numerous fabric stores) and couldn't find the hardware everyone else was using.  So, I gave up/gave in and bought what you see in the picture.  I was sure I wouldn't like it but I really like it now that it is put together.  Sure could have saved myself a lot of diesel fuel - don't tell my DH!

Making a Zipper Pouch Change Purse

My grand kids go to two different schools this year.  Next year my GD will go to the same school as my GS.  Each weekday my GD and I wait in the carpool line to pickup my GS.  There is a very nice parapro who organizes the pickup of the students and she always comes over and talks to my GD as we pull up for our turn.  Consequently, my GD is very excited about going to the BIG elementary school next year.  Well, we heard it was this persons birthday on Monday and said GD does not have school on Mondays.  We always find something special to do on Mondays so this time we spent the day making a zipper pouch change purse for the parapro's birthday.  Here is my GD sewing.

Sewing the zipper pouch change purse
Please excuse the very blurry picture.  We realized on the way to carpool, we hadn't taken a picture.  We pulled it out of the gift bag when we got into line and I tried to take a picture with my cellphone.  It is very apparent I did not get it in focus.  We quickly re-positioned all the pretty tissue paper in the gift bag.
Zipper pouch change purse - loved the bright cheerful fabric she choose!

Tuesday was Atlanta's BIG/LITTLE Snow Day!
I say this because here in the south a little snow and ice goes a very long way.  Everyone is laying blame on someone else.  However, everyone really stepped up to help each other out.  People took food to stranded motorists.  Others drove people if they had 4-wheel drive or 4-wheelers, ATV's, or other means of transportation that could work in snow and ice.  A facebook site was even set up to help people get help and scores of people were helped through it.  People were amazing!
Snow can be so peaceful and nice!
I am responsible for my two wonderful grand kids during the day.  One is 7.5 miles away on hilly windy roads and one is just under 2 miles.   When I saw the first snow flake I called the furthest one (a preschool and asked what their plan was)  the school district was releasing 2 hours early but didn't know what that meant for the preschool.  They were trying to make a decision as we spoke so I just headed out and picked up the youngest.  Soooo glad I did.  In the 30 minutes it takes to get out there and get her buckled and headed back the roads were already icing.  I slid three times and it had only been snowing for 30 minutes, it was crazy!  This put me in line for the other grandchild as he was getting out at carpool on early release but there was quite a delay.  Luckily, we are very close to the school and the only spot the road has curves and hills is our street - and it wasn't too bad.  Only two of us picked up kids from our street so I was driving on fresh snow.  Easy, peasy!

My husband left work 35 miles away at noon, he arrived 5 hours later.  Our son lives just 6 miles from his house it took him 2 hours.  Our daughter works 17 miles away but left at 3:00pm it took her 6 hours.  She couldn't get from her house to ours to get the grand kids because they closed the road between us.  They had a Snow Sleepover at Nana and Papa's house.  It was fun!

Sledding - this is the bottom of the hill!

Fun in the snow!
 Also, this week I made some progress on the Quilt on the design wall.  Here is a picture of my progress.
Added three more diamond shapes to the quilt layout.

My Mom made this coaster on her loom. 
I keep it by my sewing machine for my water.

Today started off very cold with icy roads.  They cancelled schools because the buses couldn't safely get to the kids.  The grand kids and I have had a lazy day.  However, it has really warmed up and the snow has all but disappeared.  Next week everyone will be back at school and I can get some more sewing done.

Have a great weekend.

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