Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's all about the ICE!

Yes, it's all about the ice.  Here in north Georgia we are iced in.  It started with snow on Tuesday but we only had an inch and then it melted.  A very non-event!  Schools were cancelled in anticipation of bad roads and icy conditions.   They are very jumpy after everyone was stuck on the roads two weeks ago.  But it was this second storm that came in with a little snow at the start and now we have had freezing rain all day.  We couldn't go anywhere if we wanted to. The roads are iced over and power is out in some areas. They say we will get snow tonight.  I love snow. 
This is all ice.  Hard as a rock and slippery!

You may remember in my last post I was going to be picking up a ruler at the fabric store.  My favorite fabric store is Cottontail Quilts in Kennesaw, Georgia.  They are just so wonderful there.  I did buy some fabric, you know I had to, couldn't walk out the door without this beautiful Jelly Roll of Batiks and two additional yards (under the Jelly Roll).  They are just a little different than the ones I am working with right now.
Color Crush Batiks by Moda
I made progress this past week on the quilt on the design wall. My GS who did most of the color choices for the quilt was here on Monday and we went in and made some changes to the layout.  I think we are both happy with it now. 
Strip Tube ruler quilt.
Normally our grand kids are here five days a week but since the ice has everyone trapped in their homes, they are at home with Mom for a couple days until the roads are clear and our daughter can safely get to work.  While they are at home, I am taking advantage of the break and working in the quilt room.  One of the things I did was to cutout this owl quilt for my GS.  It will be a surprise for him in the future.  He loves owls!

Owl fabric by Angela Anderson for Quilting Treasures
Hope you are having fun with your projects this week.  Stay safe if it's icy, snowy and cold.  If it's warm and nice - enjoy!

Peace to all,

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