Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Dance Time-I got SNOW!

That's right, I got my snow and I'm doing the happy dance.  Yes, think Snoopy on his dog house doing the dance and that's me.  I just love how clean and fresh everything looks.  Just wanted to post a couple pictures (I took tons with two different cameras) before I go into quilt.  (Yes, I do know some of you are sick of snow but NOT ME!)

No one will be visiting soon.


See the deer that ran through doing it's own happy dance.  We usually have a herd but this one was alone.

Well, that is my snowy neck of the woods.  Hard to believe we live in the South.  We have lived all over the country and I miss living where you are guaranteed snow every year.  However, it is nice to live somewhere that has seasons and you can still get outside most of the year.  

I must go get something done.  I could sit and look out the window at this ALL day!

Have a wonderful day,

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