Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Snow Day in the South!

Amazing!  We had winter storm warnings for significant winter weather here in Georgia yesterday, Sunday,  and it actually happened!   BUT.....not until later..... 

This is a picture yesterday, of my new bird feeder.  It was a Christmas present from my son.  You can see that it was a typical winter day out - dull and gray.  I love my new bird feeder - now I have one in the front yard and one in the back yard.  Our bird population is very, very, happy!

We had snow that came down at a pretty steady rate.  It started fairly late for us, about 9:30pm but it was so pretty.

When we got up this morning we were greeted by this, a beautiful, winter wonderland.  I love snow!  It wasn't good for the roadways but we have nowhere to go so all is good!

These bears (there really are bears under all that snow) were in my last post so I thought I would put them in again, except you can't see them this time because they are all covered up with snow.  What a difference a good snowfall makes. 

Of course, the grand kids and our daughter had a great time sledding and playing in the snow. 

Even the malls, and most of the stores were closed.  Very few roads have been cleared, they are working on the major roads and interstates first.  The temps are falling, the roads are icy so it's a good time to just stay put and be safe.  Schools were closed today and are already closed for tomorrow.  Sounds like its time for some hot chocolate, yum!  I am finally working on quilting the dog quilt.  Also, will be doing a little Disney Cars wall hanging quilt  for my grandsons room.

Have a pieceful evening!


  1. I saw a lot of places in the south got snow! We're to get a bunch of it tomorrow. But then that's pretty normal for Ohio in January! LOL

  2. Love the pictures! It looks like everyone had a great day enjoying His beautiful creation!