Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Snow that Captivated the South!

It has been a fun week.  The snow that came last Sunday and stayed all week is just about gone.  We didn't get out of our driveway until late Thursday afternoon .  There is over an acre of gravel driveway between us and the street and it was covered with snow and then a layer of ice until Thursday.  Friday we had a memorial service we needed to go to for a friend of ours so we had to chip out a lot of ice and snow.   Although many people complained about the snow - I thought it was beautiful and enjoyed being home.  The grand kids thought it was great!  Now there are just patchy areas of snow left in the shade - so life is back to normal - sigh.

 The sun had hit the flat areas of the driveway so my DH took his John Deere lawn mower out (no blades going, of course) and drove it back and forth to break up the snow so we could drive on it. To tell the truth - he was having a lot of fun!

Our daughter and grand kids built this igloo yesterday (Saturday) when the snow was melting.  You can see one of our Shih-tzu's Bandit. He thought they made it just for him!

I opened my email the other day and found out I had won a giveaway from Linda at Stray Stitches for the following cookbooks from Quilting Gallery.  I quickly went to Linda's blog since I hadn't been on any blogs in a day or so (I was playing in the snow) and there I was - WOW!  Thank you Linda!!  And thank you to Michele at Quilting Gallery.  I love both cookbooks.  You can purchase both of these cookbooks at the Quilting Gallery .

If you want to participate in the Mug Rug Swap at the Quilting Gallery you have until January 18th,  2011.  It sounds like a lot of fun!  Just follow the link below.

Have a pieceful evening,


  1. Our snow's almost gone here in Nashville, too - thankfully! It was pretty while it lasted but I'm ready for school to start up again!

  2. Your snow pics almost look like they could have been taken outside my window! LOL! Congrats on the nice win!!