Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keeping busy

I've been keeping busy by participating in and enjoying the Moda Bakeshop Progressive Dinner which ended yesterday. It was so much fun hopping from site to site to see all of their blogs and projects. Yesterday, I found Block A Palooza at Quilt Dad's blog.  Today is day two but if you're interested hop on over to the Quilt Dad blog and you can get started.

Three of us have a tradition of going to tea at a local tea house.  So, last Saturday we all met to go to tea.  One friends sister was in town so there were four of us which was just perfect for tea.  Our tea house is called Tea Leaves & Thyme - a perfect name if you ask me.  We opted for full tea.  You pick a main item; we all chose the chicken salad on a croissant and then you also get a three tiered tray with fresh fruit, fresh baked scones, miniature tea sandwiches and miniature tea desserts (you get lemon curd and Amaretto cream to spread on the scones).  Of course, there are specialty teas served in beautiful tea pots, and teacups on saucers.  It is just such a wonderful experience.  Here we are:

From Right:  Tammy, Me, Sandy, and Priscilla (Sandy's Sister) 
We were celebrating our friend Sandy's birthday. Sandy will undergo hip replacement surgery next week her surgery was postponed a couple of months while she took care of her husband who passed away the beginning of the month (Jan.) after a lengthy illness.  She wanted to be by his side at all times and slept on a cot in the hospital the whole time.  She is an amazing and strong woman.  She is always taking care of everyone else.  We use to work together at a church and she was just a joy to work with.  She has so much compassion for everyone.

We exchanged gifts at tea and I had made her a little mug rug.  She loves animals so I made her this.  She was thrilled - which made my day!

Well, I really should be sewing.  We will have the grand kids all weekend.  Our daughter will be an adult counselor for a Sr. High church retreat this weekend.  So, Nana and Papa are in charge (or we like to think so).

Oh, I thought this was funny - my DH was reading my posts one day and I like to sign off with 'Have a pieceful evening'  or something like that and he says 'You know you aren't spelling peaceful right don't you?'  Duh!  I said 'Honey, it's a play on words, you know piece like in pieceing quilts'  he didn't get it.  I'm assuming everyone else gets it?!  I really do know how to spell except when my head and my fingers are not working together.   So.....................

Have a pieceful evening :)

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  1. I totally got the pieceful thing! Also tea looks fun!