Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keeping busy

I've been keeping busy by participating in and enjoying the Moda Bakeshop Progressive Dinner which ended yesterday. It was so much fun hopping from site to site to see all of their blogs and projects. Yesterday, I found Block A Palooza at Quilt Dad's blog.  Today is day two but if you're interested hop on over to the Quilt Dad blog and you can get started.

Three of us have a tradition of going to tea at a local tea house.  So, last Saturday we all met to go to tea.  One friends sister was in town so there were four of us which was just perfect for tea.  Our tea house is called Tea Leaves & Thyme - a perfect name if you ask me.  We opted for full tea.  You pick a main item; we all chose the chicken salad on a croissant and then you also get a three tiered tray with fresh fruit, fresh baked scones, miniature tea sandwiches and miniature tea desserts (you get lemon curd and Amaretto cream to spread on the scones).  Of course, there are specialty teas served in beautiful tea pots, and teacups on saucers.  It is just such a wonderful experience.  Here we are:

From Right:  Tammy, Me, Sandy, and Priscilla (Sandy's Sister) 
We were celebrating our friend Sandy's birthday. Sandy will undergo hip replacement surgery next week her surgery was postponed a couple of months while she took care of her husband who passed away the beginning of the month (Jan.) after a lengthy illness.  She wanted to be by his side at all times and slept on a cot in the hospital the whole time.  She is an amazing and strong woman.  She is always taking care of everyone else.  We use to work together at a church and she was just a joy to work with.  She has so much compassion for everyone.

We exchanged gifts at tea and I had made her a little mug rug.  She loves animals so I made her this.  She was thrilled - which made my day!

Well, I really should be sewing.  We will have the grand kids all weekend.  Our daughter will be an adult counselor for a Sr. High church retreat this weekend.  So, Nana and Papa are in charge (or we like to think so).

Oh, I thought this was funny - my DH was reading my posts one day and I like to sign off with 'Have a pieceful evening'  or something like that and he says 'You know you aren't spelling peaceful right don't you?'  Duh!  I said 'Honey, it's a play on words, you know piece like in pieceing quilts'  he didn't get it.  I'm assuming everyone else gets it?!  I really do know how to spell except when my head and my fingers are not working together.   So.....................

Have a pieceful evening :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Snow that Captivated the South!

It has been a fun week.  The snow that came last Sunday and stayed all week is just about gone.  We didn't get out of our driveway until late Thursday afternoon .  There is over an acre of gravel driveway between us and the street and it was covered with snow and then a layer of ice until Thursday.  Friday we had a memorial service we needed to go to for a friend of ours so we had to chip out a lot of ice and snow.   Although many people complained about the snow - I thought it was beautiful and enjoyed being home.  The grand kids thought it was great!  Now there are just patchy areas of snow left in the shade - so life is back to normal - sigh.

 The sun had hit the flat areas of the driveway so my DH took his John Deere lawn mower out (no blades going, of course) and drove it back and forth to break up the snow so we could drive on it. To tell the truth - he was having a lot of fun!

Our daughter and grand kids built this igloo yesterday (Saturday) when the snow was melting.  You can see one of our Shih-tzu's Bandit. He thought they made it just for him!

I opened my email the other day and found out I had won a giveaway from Linda at Stray Stitches for the following cookbooks from Quilting Gallery.  I quickly went to Linda's blog since I hadn't been on any blogs in a day or so (I was playing in the snow) and there I was - WOW!  Thank you Linda!!  And thank you to Michele at Quilting Gallery.  I love both cookbooks.  You can purchase both of these cookbooks at the Quilting Gallery .

If you want to participate in the Mug Rug Swap at the Quilting Gallery you have until January 18th,  2011.  It sounds like a lot of fun!  Just follow the link below.

Have a pieceful evening,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Snow Day in the South!

Amazing!  We had winter storm warnings for significant winter weather here in Georgia yesterday, Sunday,  and it actually happened!   BUT.....not until later..... 

This is a picture yesterday, of my new bird feeder.  It was a Christmas present from my son.  You can see that it was a typical winter day out - dull and gray.  I love my new bird feeder - now I have one in the front yard and one in the back yard.  Our bird population is very, very, happy!

We had snow that came down at a pretty steady rate.  It started fairly late for us, about 9:30pm but it was so pretty.

When we got up this morning we were greeted by this, a beautiful, winter wonderland.  I love snow!  It wasn't good for the roadways but we have nowhere to go so all is good!

These bears (there really are bears under all that snow) were in my last post so I thought I would put them in again, except you can't see them this time because they are all covered up with snow.  What a difference a good snowfall makes. 

Of course, the grand kids and our daughter had a great time sledding and playing in the snow. 

Even the malls, and most of the stores were closed.  Very few roads have been cleared, they are working on the major roads and interstates first.  The temps are falling, the roads are icy so it's a good time to just stay put and be safe.  Schools were closed today and are already closed for tomorrow.  Sounds like its time for some hot chocolate, yum!  I am finally working on quilting the dog quilt.  Also, will be doing a little Disney Cars wall hanging quilt  for my grandsons room.

Have a pieceful evening!

Wow, it's been awhile!

I've been busy these past few weeks and I haven't had time to post. I had a little time to sign in and look around but never enough time to stay long.

Christmas was wonderful. Our grand kids had a great time opening presents and oohing and ahhing (read screaming) with excitement at everything. Our GD would shake her little arms and do a dance whenever she opened a gift (because she was so excited) she even did it when the rest of us opened gifts. Our GS jumped from one gift to the next at first but finally slowed down and savored the experience. On top of all the usual Christmas excitement, here in Georgia we had the first measurable snowfall on Christmas Day in our area in 128 years. Here are a few pictures from our wonderful Christmas.

This is our grandson and our daughter.  As you can tell he was very happy to get his Transformers.  Isn't he a handsome little guy?!  Of course,  I'm a but partial.

I love how our granddaughter is laying on her gift.  She tried everything to open this box.  She finally gave up and asked Papa to open it with her.  She is adorable.  Our grandson had asked Santa for this train set.

Two beautiful girls our daughter and our granddaughter.  They were just so cute together.  You realize the little one knows she is something else!!

Snow on Christmas Day - do you like my Christmas signs?  I actually had a 'Snowman Street' this year!

I did fill the feeder right after this picture was taken!